Friday, November 30, 2012

Troubleshooting Access to Student Evaluation of Instruction

Some students have reported problems accessing the student evaluations of instruction.  The likely cause is on the of the following:

  • Students are not using their UserName; this is the most common problem.  E.g. a UserName is jdoe0012; this is different from the 9 digit student ID number.
  • Students are entering their UserName and pressing the Enter Key.  They need to click the Continue Key after entering their UserName.
  • The course is not being evaluated.  Not all courses are being evaluated and this is confusing to students and some faculty.  Examples include Fall I classes.
  • URL students are using to access the evaluation is corrupt so they need to use this one:

Campus IT Accessibility Webinar

     Due to increased enforcement activity from the US federal government, many colleges and universities are now evaluating how to improve the accessibility of their campus information technology for students, faculty and staff with best serve all students and protect the institution.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

KCTCS Student Support Challenge

Linked below is an online quiz you can give your students to make them aware of the content in the Student Support Tab in Blackboard.  The Student Support tab provides helpful information about how to use Blackboard and how to be a successful online student.  The quiz is set up so that students may correct any wrong answers.  When finished (and when a 70% pass rate is earned), students may elect to print or save a copy of a certificate which can be emailed to instructors.

This is a great first week of the semester assignment for online classes.

Here's the link:

Tech Tips

The next Tech Tips is scheduled for Thursday, December 6 from 12-1.

Join by Phone:
(859)246-6485.  The conference ID is 5786122.

Please email if you have questions or problems using the tutorials or webinar links. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recording Last Date of Attendance

Please remember to record last date of attendance for the students in your classes.  This can be checked easily in Blackboard.

For purposes of online classes, we define last date of attendance as the last day students entered your course shell.  In Blackboard, you can check this by checking the Performance Dashboard:

Full directions on doing this are provided here:

Note: be sure to click that checkbox labeled "The Last Date of Attendance has been recorded and the roster is complete":

Friday, November 16, 2012

Blackboard Service Pack 10 is planned for installation on December 12. Expect more announcements as the middle of December approaches.

Bb SP10 will look very much like SP8. There are a number of fixes. The biggest change is a new text editor that will allow better cutting and pasting from MS Word.

The upgrade will not affect any content you have already created; you may continue building your Spring 2013 classes prior to the upgrade.

You can view SP10 now in the test site linked below:

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Location:Bb Service Pack 10

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


KOLTs, the system online training site, is now officially live. . .

We, along with the rest of the KCTCS Online team would like to welcome you to our blog and the new KCTCS Online Learning & Teaching (KOLTS) resource site. We’ve put a lot of time into gathering and organizing some of the best resources we could find for you and put them all in one place. We hope that you find this a valuable resource and will give us feedback for improvements and/or just let us what you think of the overall site.

If you have feedback about the site, consider posting it in a reply to this blog thread. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

USDLA Free Webinars on Distance Learning

Below is the URL to the USDLA Free Webinars on Distance Learning, as well as, information about National Distance Learning week taking place this week.