Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Educational Video Storage

Here's a place to store your educational videos that are safe from inappropriate comments, etc:

http://www.m86vusafe.com/index.php - Educational Video Storage

Thanks, Clovis.

Echo 360

Many of you may be familiar with online lecture capture software. Tegrity is one such company; another is Echo 360. This software allows instructors to capture and archive face-to-face lectures for viewing at a later date. The software is popular both with online and and on-ground instructors.

Dell Computing recently aligned with Echo 360 as their strategic partner in the lecture capture area for higher-education institutions. Should we push for adopting this software?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Course Copy Update

With Summer and Fall courses around the corner, many online instructors may be using the Course Copy feature to create their new classes.  Bb Admin Support recently sent out the directions; that email is linked below. 


Friday, March 11, 2011

Course Copy

In case you missed the 3/11 email from Bb Admin on how to copy over you online course.... here's that email:


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sloan-C Workshops

Sloan-C will be hosting a variety of workshops for distance learning instructors.  Topics include eBooks, podcasting, Second Life and more as well as sessions aimed at new online instructors.  Click here to read the full list.  Registration is limited to 100 KCTCS Faculty and Staff on a first come, first served basis. 

To register, contact Martha Dyer, Martha.dyer@ky.gov.

DSS Accommodation

The Distance Learning Office routinely gets questions about accommodating DSS students who have time extensions for tests (i.e. they get a longer period of time to take a test). Suggestions appear below...

Disable Timer. Use a timer but ask Blackboard not to shut the window down after the time expires. Inform students that they will be penalized if they exceed the time allowed. Privately tell DSS students with extended time how much time they are allowed.  We recommend this solution over others as timers create other kinds of Bb problems. 

New Exam Folder. Create another folder (e.g. Test 1, version B), copy and paste the exam into it setting the time for that folder to double time. Instructors may password protect that folder and give the password only to those students who require extended time.

Set Special Exam Time. Have the DSS student wait until all students have completed the exam with the exception of the student needing accommodation and then extend the time for them by making an arrangement with the student on a particular day/time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sloan C Conference on Hybrid Classes

The Distance Learning Office is bringing a virtual conference to BCTC. The Sloan Consortium is holding a conference on March 28-29 on "Blended Learning". While the conference is being held in Chicago, we have arranged for sessions to be streamed via webcast to the Leestown Campus distance learning office. If you are interested in attending this conference, please email Ben. If there is sufficient interest, Ben can also look into providing streaming options from other locations.

Whether you teach hybrid classes or are considering hybrid classes in the future, this promises to be a great way to get in some professional development.

Click the link below to see a schedule of sessions:

*UPDATE* The event will be streamed to all campuses and instructors will be able to attend via their computer work stations.

What are Hybrid Classes?

Hybrid classes blend traditional classroom instruction with distance learning. Hybrids classes typically meet only once per week and use assignments in Blackboard in lieu of other class meetings. Click here to view a list of Fall 2011 hybrid offerings. Click here to read more about hybrid classes.

If you are interested in teaching hybrid classes, talk with your coordinator about hybrid option.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Online Facilitators

BCTC is also accepting applications for online facilitators for 2011-2012. Online facilitators assist faculty members with the development of new online classes and best practices in teaching online and work closely with the Course Builder and eMentor programs. The position is open to all full-time faculty members and carries a 6 CR reassignment.

Click here for more information about the program and an application. Send the application to Ben by March 23.

eMentors 2011-2012

BCTC is accepting applications for 2011-2012 eMentors. eMentors are experienced online faculty members who provide assistance to new, online instructors. Read more about the program here. The eMentor position is available to all faculty members, including adjunct and full-time instructors.

If interested, send the information below to Ben Worth by March 23.

eMentor Application
Division & Area/Program:
Classes Taught Online:
Year First Began Teaching Online:
Please describe what skills you possess that will enable you to serve as an eMentor?