Friday, September 30, 2011

A-T Tips: Making an Appointment for a Student

While students can make appointments for themselves in AdvisorTrac, an advisor can also schedule a student into an existing appointment.  To do this, click or hover over the hour glass icon in the top left corner and select "Appointments".  Fill in the follow fields:

  • "Student": Type Student PS ID
  • "Center": Select 'Faculty_Office' from dropdown menu
  • "Consultant: Select your name from the dropdown meu
  • Click Search
Select a time from your calendar.  In the "Appointments Entry" box, be sure to select a "Reason".

Here's a video illustrating these steps:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

AdvisorTrac Troubleshooting -- Sending Email to a Subset of Students

AdvisorTrac will allow you to send messages to a selection of students on your roster of assigned advisees.  Log into AdvisorTrac and click "My Students" to pull up your list of assigned students.  Click the "flags" next to student names; doing so turns the flag "green".  Then click "list options" then "flagged students" then "show flagged."  You can then send email and/or notes to that group by clicking "List Options" then "Send Note".

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AdvisorTrac Troubleshooting -- Confirm Bio

You can easily update your personal information in AdvisorTrac.  This includes your email address, office address, and your name, forthat matter.

Click the TracMan in the top left corner and then select "Confirm Bio..."  Make whatever changes you wish and be sure to click save.

AdvisorTrac Troubleshooting -- Send Notes

The "Send Note" feature in AdvisorTrac allows you to send both a note and email to students.  A "note" is an internal alert that appears inside AdvisorTrac when a student logs into the system.  An "email" is sent to a student's KCTCS email account (unless the student has updated user preferences in A/T).

Be careful: the default setting is notes.  I recommend sending both email and a note when communicating with students.

Click the link below for instructions on how to use the send note feature in A/T.  A screenshot appears at the bottom.

AdvisorTrac Troubleshooting -- Students Can't Schedule

Are your advisees reporting difficulty making appointments using AdvisorTrac?  If so, be sure that, when setting up appointments in your calendar, you have the field "CENTER" listed as "Faculty_Office". See the screen shot below for how this looks.  Or click the link below for a video tutorial: