Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DSS Accommodation

The Distance Learning Office routinely gets questions about accommodating DSS students who have time extensions for tests (i.e. they get a longer period of time to take a test). Suggestions appear below...

Disable Timer. Use a timer but ask Blackboard not to shut the window down after the time expires. Inform students that they will be penalized if they exceed the time allowed. Privately tell DSS students with extended time how much time they are allowed.  We recommend this solution over others as timers create other kinds of Bb problems. 

New Exam Folder. Create another folder (e.g. Test 1, version B), copy and paste the exam into it setting the time for that folder to double time. Instructors may password protect that folder and give the password only to those students who require extended time.

Set Special Exam Time. Have the DSS student wait until all students have completed the exam with the exception of the student needing accommodation and then extend the time for them by making an arrangement with the student on a particular day/time.

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