Friday, November 18, 2011

KCTCS Summit on Testing and Proctored Exams

On Friday, 11/18, I attend this summit on the campus of Elizabethtown CTC.

Key Themes: The rapid growth of online enrollments has led to to a sharp increase in proctored exams, which is putting a strain on testing centers at some colleges. Another big issue is communicating concerns from one college to another.

Some interesting information:

July 2012, they system will be 24/7 student services support for online students.

Schedule of Student Charges: $25 per test may be charged to non-KCTCS students. No fee may be assessed directly to KCTCS students.

Recharges ($25 per students) may be processed through journal entries from the home college to the delivering college.

For an example, Gateway processed 180 KCTCS students Fall 2010. Those fees would amount to $4,500.

The system will be holding a meeting on Academic Advising tracking in Versailles on 12/5 from 10-3.

Bb Collaborate, a new service coming from Bb, could allow an instructor to proctor exams via webcam.

Troubleshooting Concerns Raised
--scheduling issues
--sharing exams and passwords
--Recommended windows for testing

Suggested Procedures for Proctored exams (offered BW):
--2 exams per semester
--3 hours time limit
--all content for exams should be done web browser w/out assistance from the proctor
--link to KCTCS proctor exam page from online syllabus
--extend exam windows to at least 48 hours.

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