Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Troubleshooting AdvisorTrac Access

Having trouble accessing AdvisorTrac?  Try these solutions:
  • Authenticate with KCTCS.  Remember to use your KCTCS email and password when logging in--and be sure you are using your current password.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Users have reported problems using MS Internet Explorer.
  • Clear Your Browser's Cache.  Follow these directions to clear your browser's cache.  I know, I know this sounds very techy. . . but it's not hard to do.  
  • Use the correct link.  From the BCTC home page, click Faculty&Staff  then click the AdvisorTrac link located under "Tools".
  • Restart your Web browser.  Sometimes Firefox gets wiggy.  Shut down all window and restart.
  • Restart your computer.  This is a common cure-all for many computer woes.  Power down your machine and restart.
Still can't access AdvisorTrac?  There could be an error with your log in information on our end.  Send an email to BL-AdvisorTrac@kctcs.edu.  Be sure to give your name and student/employee number and we'll track down what's wrong.

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