Wednesday, December 8, 2010

KCTCS Peer Team Notes

The KCTCS Distance Learning Peer Team met via LiveMeeting today. Here's some of what we talked about . . .

There was lots of talk about problems with Bb connectivity and how to troubleshoot this. All kinds of tech folk are looking into why it's not working as well as it should. Short of it. . . no one really knows the cause of the problem….

Looks Like installation of Bb SP3 is a go. Expect more updates about this soon.

Lots of discussion about the proposed common template for BW classes. Should the default setting be announcements (my vote) or the home page (which I don't use)? I emphasized the need for flexibility. . . so that instructors can add additional buttons or change the default page from announcements to home page. There was general agreement about that principle.

There was talk about supplemental Bb content provided by commercial companies like Pearson (their MyLab suite of programs) and Cengage.  These products become very popular at many colleges around the system.

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