Friday, April 20, 2012


As part of a large grant to support Learn on Demand, the system office entered into a short term contract with a tutoring service called Brainfuse.  KCTCS is, essentially, piloting this for the next year, and the service is available to all students on Blackboard.

Brainfuse provides asynchronous as well as live tutoring support.  They also offer tutorials, flashcards and other kinds of study aids covering a wide array of disciplines.  More information is available here:

Any of us can add a link to Brainfuse in our Blackboard course shells.  It is available in the “Tools” area.  Insert a link in the Course Menu by pressing: + / Create Tool Link / Brainfuse Help Now SSO.  Insert a link in a folder, by clicking Add Interactive Tool / Brainfuse.  The tutorial below illustrates how to do this:

Since this service is free, I encourage you to provide this link to your students.  If you get any feedback from students, be sure to pass it along to me.  You can also offer feedback by replying to this post.


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