Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring 2012 Workshop Announcement

Here is the text of the announcement of the Spring 2012 Workshop.  This was sent out on the BCTC Faculty Distribution list on Friday, May 13:

I am writing to invite you to the 2012 Distance Learning Workshop, scheduled for Friday, May 4 (the final Friday of Finals Week) in the M-Building on the Leestown Campus.  Our focus this year is Blackboard Service Pack 8, which will roll out on the weekend of May 19.  Blackboard will be getting an exciting new facelift; come and learn about all that Bb can do you for.

I want to stress that this event is not just for online instructors.  All of us---whether we teach online or on ground—can benefit from what Blackboard offers.  Starting in the Fall semester, all classes will store course syllabi in Blackboard.  But there’s so much more to Blackboard than file storage.  It can manage your gradebook, facilitate out-of-class discussions, and administer quizzes and tests.

Additional information about the Workshop is provided in the link below:

New this year is an Open Lab.  We ran one successfully during the February Changing Classroom Cultures conference.  The Open Lab allows instructors to work on their Blackboard Course shells with eMentors at the ready to assist and answer questions.

Register for the Workshop here:

Lunch is provided.  Please register by Tuesday, May 1 so we can have an accurate head count.  The Workshop is open to all BCTC faculty, full-time and part-time alike.

Note: This email is archived on my Distance Learning Blog (see link in the signature below).  Links to the Workshop appear on the Distance Learning Web site (see link at the very bottom).

See you May 4 at Leestown.  Coffee and bagels at 8.  First session starts at 8:30!

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