Friday, May 25, 2012

Bb SP 8 Updates

Here is the latest update on known SP8 problems...

Good Morning Peer Team and LoD Lead Colleges – Now that we are up and running on Blackboard sp8, things are going pretty smoothly. We’ve corrected many of the errors we saw from the first day. We are still working on three minor issues with Blackboard and one workflow change.

Here are the current Bb issues we are seeing:

Themes: images aren’t displaying on themes (ticket in with Bb to resolve)
Course id on menu is white if buttons are used making it hard to read (the only work around at this time is to use text instead of buttons)
The “Learn More” links in the Course Structures area takes users to pages in French instead of English (ticket in with Bb to resolve)

Workflow Change

Tools: Student tools (discussions, blogs, etc) will only be available and work if they are also set to “show the link” to the tool on the student tools page. FYI - Once they are set to “show”, the Tools link can be removed from the course menu if you do not want students accessing the tools directly.

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