Monday, November 29, 2010

A/V in Bb Classes

Consider adding more audio and video components to your Bb class. It's easy to do and all that's needed is an inexpensive webcam. I recommend the Logitech 9000. It sells for only $50 and is compatible with both PCs and Macs.  If there is not one attached to the work station you use on campus, talk to your office manager about having one installed there.  You can also find webcams installed in the Distance Learning Office (Leestown, A-136) or Connie Rine's faculty instruction lab (Cooper, MB 130B).

There are two easy ways to add content.  For audio only, use the "Add Mashup" button.  It appears in the menu heading of most text boxes such as Announcements, Discussion Forums and Blackboard Messages.  Here's a screenshot of the "add mashup" button and selection of "Wimba Voice Authoring":

Follow the directions to record your voice.

YouTube now allows users to record audio and video directly from the Webcam connected to a computer.  You'll need a YouTube account, which is, of course, free.  From the YouTube homepage, click "Upload."  Then click the "Record from webcam" link:

Then start recording.  You'll need to share that YouTube link with your class--and that's easily done using the add mashup button shown above.

Adding audio and video is an easy way to personalize yourself with your students.

Questions?  Need help?  Contact the Distance Learning Office.


  1. I understand the BCTC distance learning folks recently purchased some of the Logictech web cams. My computer is equipted with a Ezonics webcam that can record up to 30frames per second. Is that speed comparable to what the Logictech can do?

    Nothing in my Ezonics owner's manual mentions hi-def.

    If my little camera isn't as good as the LogicTech, then I would like to borrow one of the department's web cameras.
    Patricia A. Holland, online English instructor

  2. You can read the Logitech 9000 specs here: . And, yes, according to the manufacturer, it will shoot 30-frames-per-second video. Faculty who want to use a webcam may visit Leestown A-136 or Cooper MB-130B. If you need to borrow one for a period of time, contact A/V Resources.

  3. The link to the specs for the Logitech webcam is here: