Friday, November 19, 2010

Exemplary Course Program

eLearning Services is looking to recognize great courses our faculty have developed at each college. Please encourage faculty to submit their course(s) to Sara Porter and Paige Brooks-Jeffiers will review the course based on Blackboard’s Exemplary Course rubric, provide feedback to the instructor and help submit courses to the program.

We do need a quick turn around on submissions as they have to be submitted to Blackboard by January 18, 2011.

Benefits for participating in the Blackboard Exemplary Program include:

Learn course design best practices to improve the engagement, collaboration, assessment and learner support within your own courses
Develop a fresh perspective by seeing how other instructors and designers from your discipline or area of interest are developing their courses
Apply lessons learned from the Exemplary Course Rubric to your own courses or those you are helping to develop
Receive detailed feedback on your own course development on the best practices you are employing or areas in which it can be improved
Gain professional development experience and recognition for your accomplishments and participation in the program

Courses selected to be submitted to the Program will be showcased at New Horizons 2011 in the Blackboard Room.

Blackboard will notify the winners in early April and recognize them at BbWorld2011 in Las Vegas, NV.

To learn more about the 2011 Exemplary Course Program visit where you will find information on how to:

Volunteer to be a reviewer
Download the Exemplary Course Rubric and Submit a Course for consideration
Explore best practices and past winning courses
Learn about how to participate in the 2011 Exemplary Course Program

Thanks for encouraging faculty to submit their courses.

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