Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1-11 KCTCS Peer Team Meeting

Here are some updates from today's KCTCS Distance Learning Meeting.  Full agenda is attached here.

• If you hear of incorrect information provided by the Bb Help Desk please report it to the Distance Learning Office.
• Bb Collaborate will replace Wimba. Collaborate is now currently available to all users in Bb. KOILS folks are looking at it. Clovis Perry, our online facilitator and Teaching and Learning Center director is a KOILS member. Of course, any of us can start playing with Collaborate now.
• Service Pack 8 is coming. New features permit multi-section management that may alleviate the need to merge classes, improved testing features. Some location of tools is new, but the interface will not change drastically (although I have not seen it). Training will be made available. All instructors will have access to a test server. Announcements will be made soon. This will be a major upgrade as we go from Service Pack 3 to 8. Bb will likely be down for 2 days or more.
• Sandy is working with system HR to aid with recruitment of online faculty members. They are looking at a centralized place where prospective adjuncts can submit a single an application that can be accessed by all colleges.
• There were more updates on KCTCS Transformations affecting distance learning. Bottom line: there will be more opportunities for faculty/staff across the system to provide feedback.
• Regarding the 2010 Federal Regulations on State Approval for Out-of-State Providers: the system will continue to monitor this and there is hope that there will be a resolution.
• Moving forward with immediate access to Pearson products. Two options are being explored: (1) Use of a code coupled with payment within 17 days. Another option is a course charge assessed when tuition is paid.
• Proctored exams….recommending a single exam for most courses.  The new database in the Point is up and running.

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