Thursday, January 5, 2012

KCTCS Distance Learning Proctor Resource Center

The new KCTCS Distance Learning Proctor Resource Center is now fully online:

Instructors should use this new database to store exam pass*words and directions.

Here are some recommendations/suggestions to keep in mind when scheduling proctored exams:
  • If proctored exams are needed, one is preferred and no more than two.
  • Submit all proctored exam information, including password, within the first two weeks of the beginning of 16-week term to the KCTCS Distance Learning Proctor Resource Center database on thePoint. IMPORTANT: Assessment Centers and proctors will use the KCTCS Online Proctoring Services Database exclusively.
  • Ensure that students’ scheduling needs are accommodated by scheduling exams within a window consisting of a variety of days and times.
  • Place exams and any exam materials online in location that students can access. Assessment Centers are not able to fax or mail completed exams or other documents to the instructor.
  • Inform students of the proctored exam scheduling procedure in the syllabus. Faculty will refer students to the KCTCS Online Proctor Exams website:
This and other information about proctored exams is archived on the Distance Learning Web pages:

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