Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bb Service Pack 8 Test Site

Faculty can now test Bb Service Pack 8.  Log in to the link below:

Note: Here are revised directions on accessing the Test Site:

KCTCS eLearning Services will be updating Blackboard between the Spring 2012 and Summer 2012 semesters. We will be moving to the latest version of Blackboard (service pack 8). This update has several new features and bug fixes. It will also allow faculty and students to use the newest browsers (IE, Firefox & Chrome).

All faculty are welcome to login and test the new system. We are also looking for faculty that want to really test it out! An organization has been created for those who want to test the system and report any issues/bugs and the overall functionality. You will need to enroll yourself into the community.

To do this:

Login to Blackboard (our current production system:
Go to the eCommunity tab
In the Oranization Search box type: Sp 8 Beta
Click the dropdown list next to the organization and select Enroll
You will be asked for an access code
Enter: sp8beta2012
Click Submit
You will be taken to a page that states the action was successful
Click OK (bottom right of page)
You will be taken to the community
From now on, you can access the community from the eCommunity tab

Once inside the organization you'll see the information area with release notes, server information and help documents. You'll also see the link to report and assignment, to submit the testing log and a discussion board. All questions about the beta or new Bb functionality should be posted to the discussion board.

If you are not interested in fully testing, but would like to have a look around, you can go to to access the test server. NOTE: you should see the top banner says KCTCS Test Server (if it doesn't say this, clear your cache and cookies and try again). You will use your regular username and pw to login to the test server. We have created blank course shells for all 4116 courses. You can use these shells to test out the new system.

If you aren't teaching this semester but would like to test, send an email to to request a shell.

We look forward to hearing what you think of Blackboard Sp8.

* * *

If you need help or assistance or have questions, contact any of the following folk:

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